Flu Immunisation

During October to December of each year we offer flu injections to patients who are at particular risk.

This includes patients aged 65 years and over, asthmatics and those with long standing heart, lung, liver or kidney problems, diabetics, and those on long-term steroid or immuno-suppressant medication.

If you are eligible and wish to receive a flu injection, please make an appointment with reception at the appropriate time of year.

Child Immunisations

It is most important that your child is properly immunised. The Practice runs a comprehensive infant and pre-school immunisation programme in liaison with the Health Visitor. Parents are automatically informed when their child is due for the next injection

Click here for the NHS immunisation schedule

Each vaccination is given as a single injection into the muscle of the thigh or upper arm.

Immunisation for Adults


Anyone who has had a full primary course of 3 injections and at least two boosters will have life-long immunity, but contaminated wounds or foreign travel may require further immunisation.

Polio / Diphtheria

A full primary course with two boosters will give adequate protection for UK residents. However, a booster may be needed for travel abroad.


It is strongly recommended that all women planning to become pregnant should have their immunity to rubella checked and, if necessary, immunisation can then be given.

Pertussis Vaccination (Whooping Cough)

This vaccination is for pregnant women to protect their newborn baby.

Meningitis ACWY

University students. Those previously unimmunised who are going to attend a college of further education, especially in residence.